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The Orange Lantern Gourmet Kitchen is a full-service food and beverage catering company, bringing food fresh from the kitchen to you.

Our catering team serves events and corporate facilities for private and corporate clients across Singapore. With an extensive range of delicious menus to cater for any occasion and budget, our professional team provides function and event catering services that focus on taking the stress away from our clients.


Full Day Seminar Menu

30 pax and above:
$25.58 per pax 
Morning Tea Break: 3 courses, and Brewed Coffee & English Tea
Lunch Buffet: 6 + 1 courses & Tropical Fresh Fruit Platter
Afternoon Tea Break: 3 courses, and Brewed Coffee and English Tea

$29.96 per pax
Morning Tea Break: 4 courses, and Brewed Coffee & English Tea
Lunch Buffet: 8 + 1 courses & Tropical Fresh Fruit Platter
Afternoon Tea Break: 3 courses, and Brewed Coffee and English Tea



Sandwich (Choose 1)

Roasted Vegetable Sandwich (Vegetarian)
- Egg Mayo Sandwich
- Tuna Mousse Sandwich
- Chicken Ham Sandwich
- Berry Almond Swiss Oats

Savoury (Choose 1)

Potato Curry Puff
- Tuna Puff
- Chicken Pie
- Vegetable & Cumin Puff (Vegetarian)
- Mini Croissant

Dim Sum (Choose 1)

Steamed Chicken Siew Mai
- Crystal Prawn Dumpling
- Hawker-style Fried with White Carrot Cake
- Steamed Chee Cheong Fun with Sweet Sauce (Vegetarian)
- Pan-seared Chicken Jiao Zi with Spicy Si Chuan Dip
- Steamed Vegetable Gyoza (Vegetarian)

Cake / Pastry

- Assorted Mini Swiss Roll
- Mini Fresh Baked Danish
- Assorted Mini Cakes
- Banana Muffin
- Cinnamon Belgian Waffles
- Tropical Fresh Fruit Platter


Small Bite

Tomato Bruschetta (Vegetarian)
- Mini Quiche Lorraine
- Golden Squid Ball with Thai Dip
- Sliced Hawaiian Pizza
- Mini Chicken Pie
- Potato Curry Puff (Vegetarian)

Dim Sum

Crispy Samosa with Chili Lime Dip (Vegetarian)
- Seafood Wanton
- Steamed Chwee Kueh with Chai Poh
- Steamed Prawn Treasure
- Mango Puff

Cake / Pastry 

Fruit Tartlet
- Mini Swiss Roll
- Portuguese Egg Tart
- Chocolate Fudge
- Tropical Fresh Fruit Platter



Vietnamese Spring Roll
- Thai Fish Cake
- Deli Cold Meat Platter
- German Chicken Chipolata Sausage
- Thai Golden Corn Roll (Vegetarian)


- Classic Caesar Salad
- Chunky Marble Potato Salad
- Mediterranean Salad with Feta Cheese
- Japanese Green Salad with Sesame Yuzu Dressing (Vegetarian)
- Vietnamese Mango Salad
- Thai Papaya Salad


- Lemon Thyme Chicken
- Chef's Signature Curry Chicken
- Grilled Indonesian Chicken
- Oven Roasted Chicken Breast in Cream Dijon
- Chicken Roll in Mushroom Cream Sauce
- Vietnamese Lemongrass Chicken


- Pan-seared Dory Fillet in Crème Dill Herb
- Thai Three Flavour Fish Fillet
- Fish Tikka Massala
- Saba Shioyaki (contains bones)
- Muar Otah
- Hanoi Tumeric Fish


- Cauliflower Au-Gratin
- Irish Sauteed Mushroom with Baby Potato (Vegetarian)
- Broccoli with Abalone Mushroom
- Braised Vegetable Medley
- Vegetable Ratatouille (Vegetarian)
- Thai Style Tofu with Salad (Vegetarian)



- Seafood Cioppino
- Seafood Au-Gratin
- Cantonese 'Har Lok' Prawn
- Class French Mussel in Creamy Broth
- Breaded Scallop with Tartar Dip
- Fragrant Oatmeal Cereal Prawn

Rice / Pasta

- Buttered Rice with Raisin
- Cauliflower Rice
- Thai Pineapple Rice with Seaweed Floss
- Olive Fried Rice (Vegetarian)
- Kampung Fried Rice with Egg
- Moroccan Vegetable Couscous Rice (Vegetarian)
- Penne Pasta Aglio Olio
- Linguine Pasta in Herbed Tomato Confit 

Sweet Temptation

- Mini Cakes
- Chocolate Éclair
- Vanilla Cream Puff


- Chilled Fruit Punch
- Chilled Ice Tea
- Chilled Lemonade
- Chilled Orangeade


* Comes with Tropical Fresh Fruit Platter. 

Advance notice: 3 working days

See pricing guide here


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