Grilled Chicken Set

Cumi Bali

66 Tanjong Pagar Road Singapore 088487 |

One of the best-kept secrets in town, Cumi Bali has been serving up authentic Indonesian cuisine with passion for more than 2 decades.


Grilled Chicken Set:

- Ayam Panggang (Charcoal Grilled Chicken)
- Telor Tahu (Egg Omelette Pandang Style with Capsicum & Tahu)
- Tempe Tahu (Fermented Soybean with Tahu)
- Terong Belado (Grilled Brinjal with Dried Shrimp Chili)
- Perkedel (Fried Spiced Potato Ball)
- Nasi Kuning (Spice Cooked Yellow Rice)
- Sambal Belacan


Minimum sets: 10
Advance notice: 3 working days 
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