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All Things Delicious is a Halal bakery café serving up fresh, scrumptious and wholesome foods. Get your money’s worth when you order Bento Sets, Canapés or Buffet sets: All Things Delicious uses only quality ingredients like Organic unrefined sugar and free-range eggs. No artificial flavours and no trans-fat.

The Foodist brings All Things Delicious’ flavourful Bento Sets, or delectable Afternoon Tea/Canapés and Buffet Sets to your company or private events. Also, enjoy three signature dishes: All Things Delicious’ Chicken Tikka, Lamb Meatballs or Soy-Glazed Salmon when you order these unique Bento sets only available at The Foodist. So, you can enjoy a wholesome meal wherever you are.

Also, we have the option to Design your own Afternoon Tea/ Canapés menu from All Things Delicious.




Breakfast Menu

Menu 1
30 pax & less $15
Above 30 pax $14

- Lemon Blueberry Scones
- Roast Chicken Avocado Finger Sandwich
  For vegetarian: Mushroom & Dijon Mustard & Emmental Cheese Finger Sandwich (V)

- Fresh fruit cups

Menu 2
30 pax & less  $15
Above 30 pax $14

- Smoked Salmon & Dill Cheese Finger Sandwich
  For vegetarian: Hummus with grilled artichoke Sandwich (V)
- Mini Viennoiserie
- Fresh Fruit Cups

Menu 3
30 pax & less  $15.50
Above 30 pax $14.50

- Turkey Ham Quiche
- Yoghurt Granola
- Mini Danish

Menu 4
30 pax & less $13
Above 30 pax $12

- Feta & Spring Onion Scone
- Egg Mayo Sandwich
- Fresh Fruit Cups

Menu 5
30 pax & less $15
Above 30 pax $14

- Orange Cranberry Scones
- Smoked Salmon & Leek Quiche
- Fresh Fruit Cups


Menu Item Swops:
Classic items $3/pax per item top-up
- Mini Danish
- Mini Muffins
- Mini Scones
b. Premium items $5/pax per item top-up
- Mixed Berry Financier
- Yoghurt Cups

Beverage Top ups
Black Coffee or Tea $4/pax (minimum 12 pax)
Bottled Orange Juice $5/pax


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