HJH Maimunah Standard Disposable Sets

HJH Maimunah Restaurant

11 Jln Pisang, Singapore 199078 www.hjmaimunah.com

This Michelin-awarded establishment needs no introduction. HJH Maimunah Restaurant is well known among its local fans as the go to place for Malay and Indonesian cuisine. Get ready for a tantalizing Kampung experience.

The Foodist and HJH Maimunah have curated each Bento Box like a tasting menu – so that you can experience and enjoy the rich flavours of Malay cuisine. Our Bento Boxes are nicely compartmentalised so that you can truly taste the wealth of spices used in the cooking.


Asam Pedas Fish Set:

- Stingray Asam Pedas - Stingray Stew marinated in a spicy tangy recipe
White Steamed Rice - Thai White Rice
Fried Water Spinach sautéed with Shrimp Pastes, Onions & Garlic
 Begedil - Mashed Potato Patties coated with Egg & fried

Ayam Merah Set:

- Ayam Merah - Chicken smothered in Sweet & Spicy Red Sauce
White Steamed Rice - Thai White Rice
Kentang Belado
Vegetable Deluxe 

Beef Rendang Set:

- Beef Rendang - Succulent Marinated Beef cooked over a slow fire
- White Steamed Rice - Thai White Rice Steamed
- Urap - Fresh Vegetable & Beansprouts mixed with Seasoned Grated Coconut
- Sambal Goreng Jawa - Diced Bean Curd & Fermented Soya Bean Patties cooked with Slivers of Long Bean in Mild Chilli Paste

Minimum sets: 10
Advance notice: 3 working days

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