Paenang Red Curry Roast Duck Rice Set

Sawadee Thai Cuisine

9 Tan Quee Lan Street, TQL Suites #01-01, Singapore 188098 |

Sawadee Thai Cuisine has been serving up traditionally-prepared Thai food since 2001. Using only fresh ingredients from Thailand, dishes are made from scratch and cooked ala-minute upon an order. Sawadee Thai Cuisine believes in enhancing the intense and robust Thai flavours of sweet, spicy, salty and sour in their dishes.

The Foodist offers a variety of unique Bento Boxes that feature Sawadee Thai Cuisine’s take on signature Thai dishes. Each Bento Box brings out a tantalizing taste of Thailand that will take you to paradise. Order Sawadee Thai Cuisine’s curated Bento Boxes from The Foodist today.


Paenang Red Curry Roast Duck Rice Set:

- Pomelo Salad
Paenang Red Curry Roast Duck 
- Stir Fried Fish Maw with Beansprout
- Jasmine Steamed Rice


Minimum sets: 10
Advance notice: 3 working days
See pricing guide here

Prices are subject to prevailing GST.
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