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Shake Salad


Shake Salad specializes in fresh packaged salads. Experts in creating tasty, delicious and fresh prepacked healthy foods that keep you wanting more. Enjoy a balanced (and happy!) diet as each box combines all the necessary nutrients you need for the day.

Thinking of detox, but still want to enjoy your meals? The Foodist offers Shake Salad’s sets that keep you happy. Choose from a variety of proteins and bases – we have something for everyone.


Paste Yolk Egg Cauliflower Rice Bowl Set:

- Cauliflower Rice Bowl
- Honey Mustard Dressing
- Paste Yolk Egg

Smoked Duck Cauliflower Rice Bowl Set:

- Cauliflower Rice Bowl
- Honey Mustard Dressing
- Smoked Duck Breast

Minimum sets: 10
Advance notice: 3 working days
See pricing guide here

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