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One of the best-kept secrets in town, Cumi Bali has been serving up authentic Indonesian cuisine with passion for more than 2 decades. Using traditional Indonesian “Bumbu” (spice blends), each dish is a burst of flavours for you to explore.

The Foodist has worked with Cumi Bali to offer you five unique Bento Boxes to get the best of Indonesian cuisine. Choose from different proteins (Beef, Chicken, Fish, Sate) to experience Indonesia’s cooking styles: Panggang (charcoal grilled), Goreng (fried), and Rendang (slow cooked). Even the vegetarian set offers you a selection of Indonesian flavours.

Alternatively, we have curated a Buffet Menu featuring Cumi Bali’s signature and most popular dishes.


Vegetarian Set 1:
For strict vegetarians that cannot take garlic, onion, chili & egg

- Vegetarian Fried Rice
- Terong (Grilled Brinjal)
Bayam (Stir Fry Baby Spinach)
Fried Tahu

Vegetarian Set 2:
For vegetarians that can take egg & spices

- Telor Tahu (Egg Omelette)
- Perkedel (Fried Spiced Potato Ball)
Tempe Tahu (Fermented Soybean with Tahu)
Terong (Grilled Brinjal)
Nasi Kuning (Spice Cooked Yellow Rice 


Minimum sets: 10
Advance notice: 3 working days 

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